Lithuanian Family Photos

Our father, John K Goldberg, was born in Kansas City, but his ancestors are Litvaks, born in Lithuania and some surrounding towns in Latvia, Belarus, and more.

The photos on this page are divided (roughly) into four sections, separated by background color of photo.

  1. John K's life in Kansas City as a child and young man; his friends and immediate family.
  2. John K's paternal family GOLDBERG
  3. John K's maternal family GINSBERG
  4. Unidentified family; appreciate any help
Family relationships can be viewed on the Family Tree.

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John K. GOLDBERG as a toddler, perhaps around 1911. He appears to be wearing a white cotton dress, which toddler boys wore at that time.

group of kids

John K. GOLDBERG, (name in red) as a boy, with his brother Saul behind him. We do not know the identities of the other children, probably born between 1905 and 1918, living in Kansas City, Missouri.

Arnold Goldberg

We believe this is Arnold Goldberg, John's older brother born in 1901.

Annie Goldberg and Rebecca

John's oldest sister Rebecca and the family's first child.

Rebecca and Helen Goldberg

John's older sisters Rebecca and Helen, aka Esther.

Rebecca and Arnold Goldberg

John's older sisters Rebecca and brother Arnold, about 1902.

john k with dog

John K. GOLDBERG, like so many of his ancestors and descendants, loved dogs. This photo was taken around 1930 in Kansas City, Missouri.

john k with dog

John K with another dog, probably in the early 1930s.

john k with female

John K with unidentified friend. Let us know if you recognize this woman, probably in Kansas City in the 1940s.

john k with dog

Another of John K's beloved dogs. Yes, we have considered creating a page for the animal companions (aka pets) of the Goldberg-Cohen family. If we do this, we will add some photos of living animals since no ancestors are photographed with cats. And as everyone should know, cats rule!

unknown woman

John K with his dog and first cousin Nate GINSBERG. Nate's dad Edward GINSBERG, and John K's mother Annie GINSBERG, are brother and sister. We have another photo of Nate in the GINSBERG section with some information about him.

John K in uniform

John K in his thirties in uniform.

John K. with sisters

John K. with sisters or friends around 1930 in Kansas City, Missouri. We think the woman on the lower right might be his sister Helen.

Louise Goldberg

John's sister Louise who was born in 1902.

group photo at the owl club

Kansas City's Owl Club in 1931. John K. GOLDBERG, seated at the head of the table (far end) is the only person we can identify. Do you know any of these people, probably born between 1900 - 1913? We may create a separate page for this photo if we can identify the other people.

John at Owls club

John in 1933 at the Owls Club in Kansas City when he was 23. John is in the back row in the middle. The other men look around the same age, so born a little before or after 1910. Please let us know if you recognize any relatives.

John in 1940

John in 1940 at age 30 with his sister Louise and Aunt Faye.

Helen Goldberg

John's sister Helen with unknown puppy, in the 1920s.

Helen Goldberg swimmer

Helen Goldberg, probably in the back row, second from the left, perhaps in the 1920s in Kansas City. Let us know if you recognize any of the other women.


John's sister Betty with his mother Annie, in the 1930s.


John's sister Betty with his aunt Faye, probabaly in Los Angeles, but unsure of year.

Betty Goldberg in Malibu

John's sister Betty with a mystery woman, taken in Malibu, California in unknown year.

Leonard Goldberg and Melvin Glass and Betty Goldberg Glass

Far left, John's brother Leonard, with sister Betty on the right. The man in the middle is Betty's husband, Melvin or Mel GLASS.Year on photo is 1936.

Louise Goldberg and unknown woman

John's sister Louise on the left with an unknown friend.

Louise Goldberg and friend Alice or Felice?

John's sister Louise on left with a friend named Alice or Felice?

Betty Goldberg in Malibu

Far left, John's sister Betty, brother Leonard, sister Louise. The child is Betty's son Ken, in the late 1930s.

Betty Goldberg with sons Ken and Barry

John's sister Betty with her two sons, Ken and Barry, about 1942.

Betty, Arnold, and Helen Goldberg

John's sister Helen, Arnold and Betty about 1959 in Kansas City.

Louise Goldberg

John's sister Louise.

Louise and Helen Goldberg

John's sister Louise on the left, Helen on the right.


John K. GOLDBERG marries Margot COHEN to start the GOLDBERG COHEN family! They were married in a synagogue in Kansas City, Missouri with Margot wearing a lovely pink dress, which we own.

Harry Goldberg

Harry GOLDBERG, John K's father taken in the 1920s. He had two brothers, Max GOLDBERG and Simon J. PLOTKIN; 4 half-brothers and sisters, Sarah GOLDBERG LAPIN, Benjamin GOLDBERG, Ida GOLDBERG, and Frieda (Fay) GOLDBERG MILLER. The half-siblings are from two different mothers who were probably cousins.

unknown woman

Sarah GOLDBERG LAPIN with husband Morris LAPIN. Sarah and Morris had three children, Howard, Louise, and Raymond LAPIN.

unknown woman

Sarah GOLDBERG LAPIN with husband Morris LAPIN and son Howard LAPIN.

unknown woman

Louise LAPIN HAINES with husband Bernie, 1950s. Louise provided some valuable information for this website.

unknown woman

Richard HAINES, Kitty (wife of Harry's half-brother, Ben GOLDBERG) and Louise LAPIN HAINES

unknown woman


unknown woman

(l to r)Harry GOLDBERG's brother Simon Jacob PLOTKIN, had three children. This photograph includes two of the children. From L to R:Sam PLOTKIN, Annie Mae PLOTKIN KAMIN, Eva and Moses KAMIN. Moses is Annie's husband and Eva is his mother. The PLOTKIN families lived in eastern Pennsylvania before settling in the Akron, Ohio area.

unknown woman

Louise Plotkin - 1924, Greater Johnstown High School, on

unknown woman

Harry's brother Dr. Max GOLDBERG had five sons. Max's son, Dr.Benjamin GOLDBERG, was known for tuberculosis research and is in this photo. He donated money to the University of Illinois, Chicago, where we believe a building is named after him (Benjamin Goldberg Research Center).

Israel Goldberg

Another of Max's five sons was Israel /Isadore ("Izz") GOLDBERG, who is in this photograph. He married Fannie KRASSNER, one of eight sisters. Many of the KRASSNER sisters are known for their dance and dramatic arts school in Chicago.

(Thanks to S.Wasserman for photo).
Israel Goldberg

Expanded photo of Israel with the entire KRASSNER family.

(Thanks to S.Wasserman for photo).
Israel Goldberg

Max Goldberg and his wife Clara Reingold. From his obitary we know he was a gifted Yeshiva student in Lithuania who became a respected physician in Chicago; he was known for his musical talent, too. We don't know much about Clara, but she did spend time in Jerusalem before Israel became a state.

Thanks to S.Le Corvec for photo.
Arnold, Harry, and Annie GOLDBERG photo

From l to r, Arnold GOLDBERG, Harry, and Annie GINSBERG GOLDBERG, in their Kansas City home in the 1940s. Arnold, is Harry and Annie's oldest son.

GOLDBERG ladies in swimsuits 1950s

Harry and Annie's children + their families, 1950s, l to r, Wilma (wife of son Leonard), Barbara (wife of son Saul) , Minnie (daughter), Marcia (grand-daughter), Louise (daughter), Helen (daughter).

GOLDBERG ladies in swimsuits 1950s

Harry GOLDBERG with three of his six grandchildren, from L to R: Marcia, Ken, and Barry in the 1940s.



people sitting

Photo of Harry B. GOLDBERG and Annie GINSBERG GOLDBERG about 1948 on the porch of their house at 2836 Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri.


Harry Goldberg's father, Louis GOLDBERG, lived in Chicago after immigrating to the US and is buried at Waldheim in Chicago.

tombstone photo

Tombstone of Harry B. GOLDBERG and Mary Anna GINSBERG, at Sheffield Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri. Harry's Hebrew name on the tombstone reads Reb Tzvi Dov son of Reb Yehuda Leib GOLDBERG. Mary Anna's Hebrew name is Mera Hinda daughter of Yitzchak Aryeh GOLDBERG. Mary Anna's inscription has mistakes.

Annie Ginsberg photo

Mary Anna or Annie GINSBERG GOLDBERG is John K's mother and Harry GOLDBERG's wife. She had one brother, Edward, and a sister, Ida. Her parents were Katie and Mark GINSBERG. In this photo taken in Kansas City, she appears to be in her twenties. Annie was born in present-day Lithuania in 1875.

Annie and Ida Ginsberg photo

Sisters Ida GINSBERG GULINSON (left) and Annie GINSBERG GOLDBERG (right).


Annie GINSBERG Goldberg with a family dog, possibly in the 1930s in Kansas City, but not confirmed.

unknown woman

We found this old photo and wonder if the woman could be Annie GINSBERG, who worked in a button factory in Kansas City. We're not sure of the year of the photo or whether the boy's outfit is a costume.

Annie Ginsberg GOLDBERG

Annie GINSBERG Goldberg with a family dog, possibly in the 1930s in Kansas City, but not confirmed.


Tombstone of Katie GINSBERG (Annie's mother)reads, ""The modest Mrs. Kaila Chaya daughter of Zusman GINSBERG passed away 23rd of Nissan 5684". We think her father's name was Zusa MANDELSTEIN, not GINSBERG.

THANK YOU to Martha Yager from for the photo.


Mark GINSBERG, Katie's husband, father of Edward, Ida, and Annie. His grave states his given name, Menachem Mendel.

THANK YOU to KAB from for the photo.

nate ginsberg passport

We found this passport and photo document on Family Search website of Nate GINSBERG, son of Edward GINSBERG, Annie's brother. We're told that Nate was involved in atomic research during WW2, but have no other information. He was born in Kansas City and died in 2007 in the Washington, D.C. area. His mother was from the BISKIND family living in Cleveland.

Edward Ginsberg and Esther Biskind children

The three children of Edward Ginsgerg and Esther Biskind, Nate, Hilda, and Ruth, in the 1920s.

Solomon Ginsberg Tombstone

Solomon GINSBERG, b. in 1865 in Lithuania is a cousin of the Kansas City GINSBERG family -- Mark GINSBERG'S first cousin or brother. Solomon lived in Cleveland, then Kansas City. We believe his wife Yetta died in 1907 in Denver; they had five children.Thank you to Solomon's granddaughter Eileen and great-grandson Todd for the three photos of Solomon.

Solomon Ginsberg in front of a store

Solomon Ginsberg in front of his store on or near Swope Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri.

Solomon Ginsberg Tombstone

Solomon Ginsberg's tombstone at Sheffield in Kansas City.

THANK YOU to Pat N from for the photo.

Harry Blender's birthday

Harry H BLENDER, married to Blanche GINSBERG, celebrated his birthday in 1928 at Swope Park in Kansas City. A group portrait of many members of one of our GINSBERG families is in the photo, the children of Jehudah and Chaya Sarah LENTZNER. Jehudah and Sarah had four children, David M, Annie, Ida, and Sol GINSBERG. We are beginning to identify some of the family, but not everyone, so contact us if you can help. (Thanks to Eileen and Todd for this photo).

Young Edward Ginsberg

Edward Ginsberg, not sure of year

Al Gulinson sitting

Al Gulinson

Al Gulinson sitting

Al and Morton Gulinson, brothers and son of Ida Ginsberg Gulinson

Al and Morton Ginsberg

Al Gulinson, sonof Ida Ginsberg Gulinson

Dr Edward Ginsberg

Dr. Edward Ginsberg

Morton Gulinson

Morton Gulinson, Ida Ginsberg Gulinson's son

unknown Chicago photo at Masure studio

Relatives in Chicago we'd like to identify.Photo taken at Masure studio on 522 South Halstead in Chicago.

unknown Chicago photo at Scholl studio

Relative in Chicago we'd like to identify. Photo taken at Scholl studio on 547 South Halstead in Chicago.

unknown Chicago photo

Relative in Chicago we'd like to identify.

unknown Chicago photo

Relative in Chicago we'd like to identify.

unknown Chicago photo

Relative in Chicago we'd like to identify.

unknown Chicago photo

Relative in Chicago we'd like to identify.

unknown Chicago photo

Relative in Chicago we'd like to identify.

unknown Chicago photo

Relative in Chicago we'd like to identify.

unknown head shot of male relative

Relative we'd like to identify.