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What's in this section?

  • Links to websites for genealogy research
  • Links to other online family trees and websites
  • Articles and books
The resources listed on this page are specific to our genealogy research.

All websites below are free, though some may require registration.

General research

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Jewishgen is the main site used for Jewish genealogy research. The Jewishgen Community database helps identify Jewish communities worldwide, which is helpful when the name of a town has changed many times and/or has multiple spellings.

The website offers an abundance of free information, from the social security index to images of birth certificates and census information; easy to use and free.

Yad Vashem the memorial site for Holocaust victims has a searchable database.

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Worldcat provides a search engine for the collections of libraries worldwide. There are many books about the history of Jewish communities in small German towns that include the genealogies of the former Jewish population. Many local libraries can obtain copies of these books for a small fee.

The Find a Grave is a great website for finding and keeping photos of tombstones and cemeteries. If you need someone to take a photo of a grave, a volunteer (who lives near the cemetery) will answer a request to take a photo for you; we've had great success. We are putting more of our tombstone photos on our GoldbergCohen Memorial on's website.

Many historic newspapers in the US Library of Congress from 1836 to 1922. Try an advanced search with different combinations for excellent results. Or the Library of Congress link plus some free, small town papers through this Google link.

Genealogy sites for Germany and the Netherlands

*Note: Some of these sites do not have English translations. However, most searches require the knowledge of only a few words.

Digital Monument to the Jewish community in the Netherlands and Das Bundesarchiv, are Holocaust-related sites from Germany and the Netherlands with searchable databases.

Steinheim-institut contains photographs of graves and tombstones in Jewish cemeteries, primarily located in North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen in German). Through this site and Jewishgen, we were able to find five generations on our mother's maternal side.


Jewish cemeteries in North Rhine-Westphalia This site lists the hundreds of small Jewish cemeteries in this state including the cemetery address, number of tombstones, and other helpful information.

Hessian Regional History Information System (LAGIS) This site not only shows tombstones from graves in the state of Hesse (Hessen in German), but gives extra information on names and family groups.

Archives in Hessen has wonderful regional information, including very old records you can view online after registering for free.

Hessen Jewish genealogy is on the Juden in Nordhessen website, from Hans-Peter Klein und Hans Pettelkau.

A free and easy to download digitized Judaica book collection from The Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main (Hesse), includes books and articles about the families Feuchtwanger, Rosenberg, Katzenellenbogen, Morpurgo, Bacharach, Oppenheim, Adler, Luria and others; in German and some English. (Thank you Ton Tielen for the information)

Gerd Friedt, an excellent author, resarcher, and genealogist posted his excellent book on the Jewish history of Begheim, Germany which is the area where our Cohen family and related families resided for many years. Towns near Bergheim that are mentioned include Büsdorf, Glessen, Fliesteden, Kenten, Niederaussem, Oberaussem, Paffendorf , Quadrath, Ichendorf und Zieverich.

There are two very useful sites for family research in the regions around Germany - Netherlands - Belgium. These sites have some of the same names, but each offers good information, Familienbuch-euregio and Durener Geschichtswerkstatt.

Two sites primarily for Dutch Jewish families (some with German origins) includes Jewish Genealogy Database of the Sittard area (Limburg, Netherlands)with over 8,000 people and Levie Kanes' website with over 200,000 names. Both of these sites were included as information in a larger website useful for those researching the Netherlands.

WieWasWie for Dutch civil records from 1811 to modern times. Click EN or English option at top of page if you need the translated version. For more records on Dutch Jewry is this comprehesive site for Jewish genealogy in the Netherlands.

Genealogy sites for Lithuania

Jewishgen and Jewishgen's Lithuanian interest group, LitvakSIG are the only sites we currently use; more will be added as we do more research on Lithuania.

US Websites

*The links below are for US towns and cities (including suburbs) where multiple Goldberg - Cohen Families resided.

Greater Kansas City

Jackson County, Missouri (that's Kansas City) marriage certificates online.

The state of Missouri has an excellent website with images of death certificates from 1910 - 1961 (or at least 50 years ago) or birth and death certificates before 1910. There is an advanced search option where multiple documents can be searched at one time.

The Midwest Center for Holocaust Education includes profiles on their website of Kansas City residents telling their family stories. Profiles of 52 Kansas City area Holocaust survivors and war refugees are included in a book available on the website, From the Heart: Life Before and After the Holocaust.

Johnstown - Cambria, Pennsylvania

Cambria County, Pennsylvania, which includes Johnstown, Pennsylvania has a list of online resources , including an advanced search option at the top of the list. The Jewish Cemetery in Cambria, Rodef Sholom has a burial listing and is adding tombstone photographs.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding towns has the online and searchable Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project a collection of three Jewish publications from 1895 - Present.

Pittsburgh's Shaare Torah Cemetery was photographed by Rich Boyer, along with the inscription on many of the tombstones.


For everything on the Chicago Jewish community between 1911 - 1949, The Sentinel is a wonderful publication with all copies online and searchable.


A wonderful resource for 125 years of Cleveland Jewish history is the Cleveland Jewish News with the free search options in the upper right side of the website.

Peoria, Illinois

Hundreds of graves from the Jewish cemetery in Peoria, Illinois, photographed.


Excellent pdf book on the History of Jews in Louisiana; may take a minute to load after you click here.

For Louisiana / New Orleans marriage, birth, death records greater than 50 years.


The Colorado historic newspapers is an excellent website with 160+ individual newspaper titles published in Colorado from 1859 to 1923.

Washington State

The state of Washington has a great website for marriages, deaths, births,and other historic records.

Other US cities and states

The Italian Genealogy Group provides New York City - five boroughs marriages lookup,from mid-1880s to early 1900s. For women and men . Also death records

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Other Family Tree Websites

The family websites listed below have some of our family's genealogy, along with many other unrelated families.

Our family members included in the website are from the location listed in parenthesis.

Petit-Rivir genealogy (Germany)

Edelmuth family (Germany)

Georg Stockschlaeder Genealogie (Germany)

Gershon-Lehrer (Germany, The Netherlands)

Max van Dam's Family Tree (Germany, the Netherlands)

Blank Geneology (Germany)

The Kaminsky Family (Germany)

Juan Goudsmit Segal (Germany, The Netherlands)

Wibis Family Tree - in German (Germany)

Fanta Levey Family (Eastern European)

Fischer and Levin family history (Eastern Europe)

The Judelman Family (Eastern Europe)

Flax - Silver - Gluck - Snitkoff Family(Eastern Europe)

Articles and Books

This section is for researchers seeking books and articles that are specific to the topics covered in this website; they are available for purchase or for no cost online.

Contact us for any information contained in these books or articles.

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Online books or articles
  1. Sod Jerusalems: Jewish Agricultural Communities in Frontier Kansas by Lloyd David Harris. Many Kansas City families, in our family tree, started life in America by creating farming communities in Kansas.
  1. Gone But Not Forgotten, A History of the Burials in the Jewish Cemeteries of Kansas City, Missouri, Anita Loeb
    **Mrs. Loeb worked over 11 years on this 934-page book — a list of 15,299 burials in the Jewish Cemeteries of Kansas City, Missouri. The work provides an alphabetical listing of individuals and their personal information, including birthdates and birthplaces. Note: We were sad to learn that Anita Loeb passed away on March 17, 2017. Her research has been donated to The State Historical Society of Missouri.
  2. Please contact the historical society for more information on reviewing these materials.
  3. De laatste trein naar Auschwitz, By Inge Kamp, Rolf Kamp, and Nico Kamp, our Kamp relatives who tried to escape the Nazis after Kristallnacht; available online in Dutch and German; an English translation is coming soon (August, 2018).
  4. Die Geschichte der jüdischen Familie Kamp aus Krefeld von Karin Kammann (Autor), Nico Kamp (Autor), Rolf Kamp (Autor), Inge Kamp (Autor), Coen Hilbrink (Autor) Note: this book is currently for sale on Amazon-Germany. However, soon excerpts from the book will be included on this website in English.
  5. Die Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinde in Bergheim, Heinz Gerd Friedt and Norbert Esser
  6. Dokumentationzur Geschichte der Juden am linken Niederrhein seit dem 17. Jahrhundert, Klaus H.S. Schulte
  7. Excerpt from the Diejudischen Familien in Dulken Suchteln Viersen im Jahrhundert, Archives Viersen
  8. Heimat an der Erft. Die Landjuden in den Synagogengemeinden Gymnich, Friesheim und Lechenich, H. und C. Bormann
  9. Sie waren Nachbarn, Freunde, Kameraden - Zur Geschichte der Juden von Drove, Reiner Nolden, Karl-Josef Nolden, Klaus Schnitzler
  10. Marginalisierung und Emanzipation, Jüdische Alltagskultur im Herzogtum Berg 1779 - 1847, Dr. Bastian Fleermann
  11. The Destruction of the Jewish Community of Worms 1933 - 1945, Henry R. Huttenbach
  12. Die neue Synagoge in Krefeld (includes photos and history of old Krefeld synagogue), Kurt Kähler, Paul-Günter Schulte, Thilo Zickler, Dr. Isidor Hirschfelder
  13. Düsseldorf Getto Litzmannstadt 1941 (profiles and photos of Jews deported from Düsseldorf and surrounding communities), Angela Genger and Hildegard Jakobs
  14. Gedenkbuch Der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf,(Düsseldorf Jews who were deported between 1933-1945; includes birthdate/towns and where deported)
  15. Düsseldorf, wie es war, Michael Brockerhoff
  16. The Year Which the Locust Hath Eaten (Kretzmer, a family member, tells her own story of leaving Germany), Lilli Cohen Kretzmer
  17. ...And The Policeman Smiled, 10,000 Children Escape from Nazi Europe, Barry Turner
  18. I Came Alone, The Stories of the Kindertransports, Bertha Leverton and Shmuel Lowensohn
  19. California Holocaust Memorial Week, 2008 (Stories of Holocaust survivors living in California), Assemblymember Ira Ruskin and Mike Feuer
  1. Der Zug der Erinnerung or The Rememberance Train. The article covers an exhibit about children deported from Krefeld. Full story is in German.The English translation covers the two-page introduction; see last page of German version for list of children's names, dates, and destinations.
  2. More articles will be added; please check back.