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We need help finding more information on the following people and hope you will contact us with more information. The Family Tree provides some charts on how these families are related.



György Politzer

Please help us find György POLITZER!

We thought György POLITZER, grandfather of a relative of the Goldberg-Cohen Family, died in a post-WWII prison in Germany, around 1949. Recently, information received from Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center shows that György POLITZER survived and was still alive as late as 1967.

Where did he go after being released from this post-war German prison? And did he marry, have children? Could he be alive today, in his 90s? If you know how we can find him or his Hungarian or post-war family, please contact us! We will post the outcome of our search on the website.

Background Information: György POLITZER was born December 1, 1919 in Budapest, Hungary, son of Alexander POLITZER and Olga TOLNAI. He stayed in Budapest until 1944 - 45 when he was a prisoner of war at Wierner Neustadt. After the war he returned to Budapest and had a job as a police officer until he was threatened by a Russian officer after a dispute, with shots fired. He fled Budapest and worked in Vienna for a few years.

From Vienna he stayed in the Gabersee displaced persons camp where his wife and young daughter, born in Budapest, were staying. By 1949, during the chaos of the post-war years, György was sentenced to Werl prison because of a firearms altercation. His daughter was told that György was very ill when sentenced to Werl prison and probably died.

However he did not die and was released in 1951, with follow-up records in 1967. We think 1967 was a critical year for him because of the numerous requests for information. Perhaps he left Germany that year?

The following papers provide additional information.

  1. November, 1949, page one reviewing György's life
  2. November 1949, page two reviewing György's life .
  3. November 1949, description of events by György's wife.
  4. May, 1951, page one of IRO's review of György's situation
  5. May, 1951, page two of IRO's review of György's situation
  6. May 1951, information from Werl prison
  7. January 1953, registration card from Föhrenwald displaced persons camp
  8. March 1967 list of places György resided.
  9. February 1967, request for information
  10. February, 1967 and March, 1967,Bad Godesberg check-in. States that on December 1, 1945 György left Hungary and went to the Rothschild Hospital in Vienna, then in 1947 to a displaced persons camp in Föhrenwald. He was appointed 2nd class transportaton officer.
  11. 1967 request for information on György and a man named Zdizislaw Walaszek or Walaaszek, born in 1926 in Tarnow, Poland; we do not know Zdizislaw.
  12. March 1967 Red Cross information


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  2. The wife of Mark GINSBERG, great-grandmother to the GoldbergCohen Family was Katie MANDELSTEIN. We know nothing about this woman, though we did find her tombstone in Kansas City. This doesn't seem to be a common surname and we'd like to link with other MANDELSTEIN families.
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Because our German families lived in the far west part of Germany, many family members lived in or are from different towns in the Netherlands. We are trying to determine whether these families have roots in Spain or Portugal. So far we have not found any Spanish names to create a link; but different researchers have suggested some of our families did come from Spain.