Anniversary Celebration

Eva and Isaac Cohen's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
January, 1938 at the Grafenberger Allee in Düsseldorf

Eva KAMP COHEN (#35) and Isaac COHEN (#36) are our mother's paternal grandparents who lived in Düsseldorf.

The KAMP and COHEN families celebrated many happy events together and the golden anniversary celebration pictured below was probably the last of these events.

Most of the people who attended Eva and Isaac's anniversary event were siblings and their families:

* Eva and Isaac had three sons, Arthur, Adolf, and Eugene.

* Eva had one sister and five brothers; Isaac had four brothers.

Each person in the photo is numbered, with names listed below. Their relationship to Eva and/or Isaac is indicated. More detailed information on each person in the photograph is included below the photo names, with additional photos attached.

Note: If you have any information or photographs of the people in this picture, please contact us so it can be added to this page.

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Group photo of Anniversary celebration

What happened to the people in the photo?

Information on the people in the photo, how they are related to Eva KAMP and Isaac COHEN, and their fate, if known. NEW! Please check our Kamp Family in Krefeld page for additional family stories.Thank you to Mahn und Gedenkstätte Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf for some of the photos.

  1. Walter DAVIDS
    - His mother was Julie KAMP, Eva KAMP's only sister. He immigrated to South Africa. (return to photo names)
  2. Rabbi Dr. Siegried KLEIN
    - He was a rabbi in Düsseldorf from 1919 to 1941. His granddaughter, Marion Koebner, describes his fate on page six of a genealogy travel journal linked to her website ( "Siegfried was a rabbi in Düsseldorf in the heart of Germany, a man whose family had, for generations, lived in Germany, who had been at the front as a German army chaplain during the Great War, who was a founder member of the RjF12. Throughout the late 1930s, he resisted the urgings of his community to leave Germany with his family - out of a sense of duty to his community. Thankfully his two children, Hanna and her brother Julius, escaped thanks to the Kindertransport. Siegfried and his wife Lilli (#26 in photo) were deported to Lodz ghetto in 1941, Lilli dying there not long after, unable to survive the appalling conditions." (return to photo names)
    - Her mother was Julie KAMP, sister of Eva Kamp. She immigrated to South Africa. View another photo of her at the Bad Neuenaar spa with her husband, Herman MANNSBACH, father Max DAVIDS, uncle Joseph DAVIDS, and Eva KAMP with her grandson Gerald. (return to photo names)
  4. Willi COHEN COLE
    - His father, Leopold, was Isaac COHEN's brother. He immigrated to New Jersey and adopted the surname COLE. (return to photo names)
  5. Betty POLLAG KAMP
    - Her husband, Leo (#31) is a brother of Eva KAMP. She immigrated to Chicago. She had two sons, Ewald and Rudy. Ewald lived in Chicago and Rudy in Florida. Known grandchildren and great-children. (return to photo names)
  6. Kurt STERN
    - His wife is Ilse (#10) whose father, Albert, is Eva KAMP's brother. See #10 for his immigration story. (return to photo names)
  7. Max MOSER
    - A close friend of the family. He immigrated to Melbourne, Australia. (return to photo names)
  8. Dr. Eugene KRETZMER
    - His wife is Lilli COHEN (#33) whose father is a brother of Isaac COHEN. He moved to Worcester, Massachusetts. He had a son and a daughter. (return to photo names)
    - Her husband is Paul KAMP, whose father, Michael, is Eva KAMP's brother. (return to photo names)
  10. Ilse KAMP STERN
    - Her father, Albert, is Eva KAMP's brother. She is married to Kurt STERN (#6). She moved to Brazil where her son established the international company, H.Stern Jewelry. Her brother, Alex (not in photo), immigrated to Brazil before his sister and was married to Gabrielle MARX, sister of Roberto Burle MARX, the "respected painter, sculptor, architect, poet and landscape artist whose reputation since that time has achieved legendary status." The story of Hans Stern is described in the attached article. (return to photo names)
    - Her son-in-law, Eugene COHEN (#14), is the youngest son of Eva and Isaac. Kaete's daughter is Lotte (#13). Kaete passed away in New York in 1947. (return to photo names)
  12. Inge MEYER KAMP
    - Wife of Fritz KAMP (#23), whose father Adolph (#27) is Eva KAMP's brother. Inge lived in Switzerland (and Italy?) and remarried after her husband's death, living to 100. Fritz and Inge had two sons, Rolf and Nicholas. (return to photo names)
    - Wife of Eugene COHEN CLIFTON (#14). Eugene is the youngest son of Isaac and Eva. Lotte immigrated to Birmingham, England and adopted the surname CLIFTON. She and Eugene had one son. Known grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (return to photo names)
  14. Eugene COHEN CLIFTON
    - Youngest son of Eva and Isaac. He immigrated to Birmingham, England and adopted the name CLIFTON. Photo at his 80th birthday celebration. He had one son; known grandchildren and great-children. (return to photo names)
  15. Max DAVIDS
    - His wife, Julie, is the only sister of Eva KAMP. Max died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1943 and Julie died prior to this event. Max is on Julie's tombstone in the Krefeld cemetery. Four of Max and Julie's five children attended this event and are in the photo. (return to photo names)
    - Her mother, Julie KAMP, is the only sister of Eva KAMP. Johanna was murdered in Auschwitz in 1944. She had two sons, Rudi(#41) and Ken (#42); both sons survived. Known grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (return to photo names)
  17. Henriette KAUFMANN KAMP
    - Her husband Adolf (#27) was Eva KAMP's brother. She was murdered at Bergen-Belsen around 1944. Henriette and Adolf had a daughter Else and a son, Fritz (#23). Both children were killed, but grandchildren survived (see #12, her daughter-in-law, Inge). (return to photo names)
  18. Amanda REISS KAMP
    - Her husband Michael was Eva KAMP's brother. Michael died before the anniversary event and was buried in Krefeld. Amanda fled to Holland with her sister Bertha(#28), but was deported and murdered. Amanda's name is included on Michael's tombstone. Amanda and Michael had two sons, Paul and Mathias, who were both murdered. Paul and wife Herta (#9) died childless, but Mathias' wife and two children survived. The surviving wife and children became Catholic after liberation in gratitude to a priest who saved their lives. (return to photo names)
  19. Paula DAVIDS
    - Her mother is Julie KAMP, Eva KAMP's sister. Paula was murdered in the Stutthof camp in 1944. (return to photo names)
    - Wife of Alfred COHEN (#21). Alfred's father and Isaac COHEN were brothers. Tinni was from Switzerland and lived in Zurich and New York. She and Alfred were childless. (return to photo names)
  21. Alfred COHEN -
    His father was`Philipp a brother of Isaac COHEN. His mother (#29) and sister (#33) attended this event. Along with his wife Tinni(#20) he lived in Switzerland and New York. He and Tinni were childless. (return to photo names)
    - His wife is Johanna (#16). Johanna's mother is Julie KAMP, Eva's only sister. Hugo died in Lodz in 1942. Hugo and Johanna had two sons, Rudi (#41) and Ken (#42); both sons survived. Known grandchildren and great-children. (return to photo names)
  23. Fritz KAMP -
    Son of Adolf KAMP (#27), Eva's brother. Fritz was murdered in Auschwitz concentration camp. Wife is Inge (#12) who survived the war and eventually remarried. Fritz and Inge had two sons who survived. (return to photo names)
  24. Rabbi Max ESCHELBACHER
    - Appointed rabbi in Düsseldorf, 1913. Immigrated to England with his wife Bertha (#34). (return to photo names)
  25. Josef COHEN
    - Friend of Isaac COHEN. Murdered in Theresienstadt concentration camp. (return to photo names)
  26. Lilli KLEIN
    - Wife of Rabbi Klein (#2). (return to photo names)
  27. Adolph KAMP
    - Brother of Eva KAMP. Died in Bergen Belsen in 1945. Wife is Henriette (#17). (return to photo names)
  28. Bertha REISS LAMBERT
    - Sister of Amanda KAMP (#18). Fled to Holland with her sister, but was deported and died in Auschwitz. (return to photo names)
  29. Frieda FRANK COHEN
    - Husband is Philipp COHEN, Isaac Cohen's brother. Her son is Alfred COHEN (#21) and her daughter is Lilli (#33). She immigrated to the US with her daughter. (return to photo names)
    - His daughter is Lotte (#13), who is married to Eugene COHEN (#14). Eugene is Eva and Isaac's youngest son. His wife is Kaete (#11). Survived. (return to photo names)
  31. Leo KAMP
    - Brother of Eva KAMP, married to Betty (#5). He immigrated to Chicago. He and Betty had two sons, Rudy and Ewald. Ewald lived in Chicago and Rudy in Florida. Known grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (return to photo names)
  32. Richard WEINBERG
    - Grandfather of Lotte (#13) who is married to Eugene COHEN. Eugene COHEN is Eva and Isaac's youngest son. (return to photo names)
    - Her father is Philip, Isaac COHEN's brother. Her husband is Eugene (#8) and her mother is Frieda (#29). Lilli immigrated to Worcester, Massachusetts. She wrote a privately published book on her experiences leaving Germany. The book, The Years Which the Locust Hath Eaten is at the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College; a private copy is available through this website. (return to photo names)
    - Wife of Rabbi ESCHELBACHER (#24). (return to photo names)
  35. Eva KAMP COHEN
    - The honored bride at her 50th wedding anniversary. We have several photos of her on our Germany photos page. Eva had a stroke on Kristallnacht from which she never recovered. She and Isaac have a tombstone in Düsseldorf. Their middle son, Adolf, killed a few days before the end of WWI, is included on the tombstone along with son Arthur (#38) and his wife Aenne (#37). (return to photo names)
  36. Isaac COHEN
    - The honored groom known for his generosity and kindness. We have several photos of him, including this exterior photo of I and I Cohen, the business he started with another family member and his photo in the office. He was deported to Theriensenstadt. (return to photo names)
    - Her husband, Arthur, is the oldest son of Eva and Isaac COHEN. She was deported in October 1941 to Lodz; she did not survive. She and Arthur had a son and a daughter, Margot (#39) who both survived. From her surviving children, she now has five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. (return to photo names)
  38. Arthur COHEN
    - The oldest son of Eva and Isaac. Like his wife, Aenne (#37) he was deported in October, 1941 to Lodz and did not survive. From his surviving children, he now has five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. (return to photo names)
  39. Margot COHEN
    - Only granddaughter of Eva and Isaac Cohen and our mother. She left Germany on a Kindertransport to England and was a student at the Orme Girls' School. Worked for the US Army after the war and immigrated to the United States. When she immigrated to the US, she was accompanied by her beloved dog Toffee. After arriving in the United States, she had to give up Toffee to a good home because it was impossible to find a place with him. She discovered her love for numbers after taking a bookkeeping course in England and later obtained a BA and MS degree with a career in finance; she worked as a CFO for several companies. Married to the John K. Goldberg featured on the website, she has three children, six grandchildren, one great-grandchild (with more on the way) and since Toffee, four dogs and three cats. (return to photo names)
  40. Walter COHEN CLIFTON
    - Grandson of Eva and Isaac and Margot's (#39) brother. Immigrated to the US; has two children and four grandchildren. Photo as a baby. (return to photo names)
  41. Rudi(y) LOWENSTEIN
    - His grandmother was Julie KAMP, Eva's sister. Rudy immigrated to Canada. Rudi dedicated much of his later years to the family genealogy and spent many hours collecting information. He contributed greatly to this website by communicating with and obtaining information from relatives and researchers worldwide. Rudi passed away several years ago, along with his lovely wife Pauly. He leaves three sons and grandchildren. In this photo he is with his younger brother, Ken (#42). (return to photo names)
    - His grandmother was Julie KAMP, his brother is Rudi (#41). He immigrated to the United States. He and his wife had one son; known grandchildren.(return to photo names)