Goldberg Cohen Family Tree


When John K Goldberg married Margot Cohen, they united the Goldberg and Cohen families. We are their children and grandchildren and our website is about the ancestors of the Goldberg and Cohen families.

Our paternal GOLDBERG side is from Lithuania. The maternal COHEN family is from Germany and the Netherlands. Go to our Family Tree Page to access our growing family tree, which includes many cousins and is updated frequently.

What's Inside

The German Origins page has a history of our German families who lived in the modern German states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse for more than 300 years, until the Nazi era. The Anniversary Photo section features a group photo of the 42 family members and friends at a 1938 Düsseldorf celebration, along with information on each participant. The German Family photos page features photos of our family from Germany.

The Lithuanian Origins page includes a few details about our families who immigrated to the US in the 1800s and settled originally in the Chicago, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh areas. Some family photos are at Lithuanian Family Photos.

The WW2 Army Photos page features photos John K Goldberg kept of men he served with in WWII including a group photo of 196 men, each identified.

The Genealogy Resources page has links to excellent genealogy websites and other family tree websites.

Genetic Genealogy

Our family's genetic genealogist is using DNA results, along with traditonal research to link our families. We share information on 23andme and Family Tree DNA and a few other sites. Our Haplogroup results for John K Goldberg and Margot Cohen:
GOLDBERG mtDNA: HV1b2 and Y-DNA: J2a1b. For the COHEN mtDNA: K1a4a and Y-DNA:J-M267